Matter of Taste

All over the world, Italians are known for their good taste.

A word that embraces two areas, the aesthetic and the gastronomic ones, both recognized internationally as the best qualities of our country, along with fashion and food.

Birra Italia encloses them both in a formula that restores the flavor of the “art of living” which characterizes us.

like the Belle Époque

Birra Italia was founded in 1906, during the historical, cultural and artistic period of the Belle Époque. A positive, enthusiastic and innovation-friendly environment.

The first brewery was located in Corso Sempione in Milan, and produced three types of beer, a lager, a dark, and a high-proof ones, by drawing pure water from three wells situated right within the plant. Also thanks to this resource, perfect for making beer, the brewery soon established itself absorbing Birra Milano, Wunster-owned Birra Seriate, and Birreria Ambrosiana in the 1930s.

In 2020 Italianbev acquires the brand to give life to a new, even more sparkling Belle Époque.

We have poured Italy into it.

Barley malt, water, hops and corn extract.

Birra Italia is made from a few simple ingredients of our territory, carefully selected and blended in accordance with both ancient traditions and the most recent consumption trends.

The union between craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies that characterizes the brand creates a premium beer with a unique taste, which encloses in a bottle or in a can all the values of a fascinating country, combined with the search for excellence that has made Made in Italy products famous all over the world.

A pleasure to share.

Beer is a pleasure, and as such it should be shared.
Because it enhances the joy of a victory, it marks the stages of a friendship, it gives another flavor to a vacation.

But let’s share one or two secrets.

In order to be fully enjoyed, it requires a temperature between 7° and 10°C.

And it should not be drunk in a bottle, because the narrow neck prevents it from getting air and from developing all its aroma.

Foam has an important role as well, as it protects the beverage from getting in contact with air, therefore holding its taste and temperature longer.

You just have to choose the right glass and taste it. With friends, of course.

A human-scale beer.

In a beer that bears the name of a country, there is the soul of a city.

Because Birra Italia was born in 1906 in Milan, the capital of fashion and much more.

Its entrepreneurial spirit, its farseeing ability, the desire to always be one step ahead have made this city one of the world’s capitals of business. But above all, over time they have defined a unique, recognizable taste, able to impose a style and a way of living.

Dynamic but not frenzied, pragmatic but not materialistic, attentive to aesthetics but not sophisticated. A human-scale city indeed.

A misura Duomo.


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